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Do I need to make any IT investment to adapt nuXight?
None. nuXight runs on the cloud, accessible via standard browsers, iPhones, and Android Phones.
Who in my school decides when and how to use nuXight for everyone?
Today, most classroom or school management software used today is managed by teachers (teachers enroll as individuals), implying that school leaders have no visibility or control over the classrooms and faculty. nuXight allows the school Leaders to dictate all the users' configurations and usage within the entire school because nuXight is built with an enterprise architecture from the ground up. What makes nuXight powerful as it is ideally catered to school leaders who wish to execute cohesively as an entity instead of as scattered individuals. Conglomerates are only mighty because they execute as enterprises.
Will my teachers require training to use nuXight?
Yes, five minutes. Some teachers require no training at all.
Do I need an IT person in my school to set up nuXight?
No, a school can appoint any non-technical administrator. nuXight is very intuitive, with a built-in tutorial throughout the app. We will also support this administrator along the way.
What size school will nuXight support?
-One student to an unlimited number;
-One location to an unlimited number;
-One teacher to an unlimited number.
-One management staff to management team size of any number;
What type of school does it support:
All learning institutions: tutoring centers, childcare, music schools, sports schools, school of extra-circular activities, etc.
nuXight is not school-specific.
Is the school leader the only person who gets to configure nuXight?
No, the school leader or his designated staff can freely delegate any responsibility to anyone in the school via nuXight.
Is the school leader the only person who can define the teachers' classroom management standard?
No, this is a decision made by the school leaders. The school leader can configure via nuXight facility to involve no teacher, only the experienced teachers or all the teachers.