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Today, business leaders from Amazon, UPS, and Walmart have visibility into their entire operation. Yet, it is still burdensome for school leaders to see what happens in all their classrooms.

Key Features

Internal Control

this is what every frustrated educator wishes he or she has as a school leader.


this is what everyone wishes he or she has as parents of the students.
Internal Control and visibility should no longer be exclusively available to businesses; it is about time that schools can be just as empowered and customer-centric.

nuXight, a software that automates high-quality teaching consistency

nuXight means "new sight." It is a software that automates high-quality teaching consistency designed by a frustrated school leader. nuXight provides this by allowing school leaders to define the best classroom management standards. All the teachers use this standard to ensure high-quality teaching consistency.

The pre-requisite for sharing some visibility with parents is exceptional internal-control consistency for management.

nuXight will give the confidence the school leaders need to open up their knowledge to the parents.

Work smarter, not harder

Conventional classroom management records are mostly periodic quantitative data such as grades, scores, attendance, etc.

Insightful classroom management information consists of not only this information but also a much more comprehensive array of frequent details such as students' efforts, learning attitude, participation, emotional engagement, progress; Teachers' availability, performance, Parents' feedback. Some of these details require detailed descriptions.
The challenge is how teachers would provide this information frequently when they are already busy managing the classrooms. nuXight resolves this challenge for teachers, allowing teachers to work smarter, not harder. Teachers' navigation on nuXight is intuitive. Daily classroom management record is accessible by any authorized staff.

nuXight is currently running on the cloud, accessible via standard browsers and cell phones. IT investment and integration are not required.

nuXight can reach parents by generating frequent student reports professionally, consistently, and automatically on the school leader's standards. Parents use the report to check and balance against their child, further encouraging the best learning practice for schools. Amazon uses barcodes with clients to perfect its operation in the same manner.