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Intelligent Feedback Management Software

nuXight is a cutting-edge feedback messaging platform created by an experienced educator.  It enables schools to deliver personlized feedback to countless students across all their courses in just minutes instead of hours.

While other software tools today only enable schools to send generic feedback to their students unless teachers can spare hours writing customized feedback, nuXight assists schools in tailoring their feedback according to each student's individual goals and abilities in just minutes, not hours.

Learn how to transform your entire school with an unprecedented feedback platform that can bring you the most satisfied parents.

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Designed for schools of any type, any size.

Under 100 students
101-500 students
500+ students


Most schools start small, sometimes with less than 100 students. In this phase, the school's reputation reflects on your persona as the school leader. You are the school's backbone, the shining star, trying to ensure your staff strength is on par with your performance.

As a  small-sized school, likely struggle to deliver consistent teaching quality, as your team might require weeks or even months of intensive training to reach its peak. This explains why many school leaders of small-sized schools wear many hats, getting involved in every aspect of the school to provide consistent quality across all the classes and programs.

Meanwhile, it may be difficult and overwhelming to monitor the quality of every single program and class in the school. The lack of resources to deliver uniform quality among all the classes and programs is the biggest challenge of small-sized schools. That's why nuXight is an excellent option for school leaders who aim to provide consistent teaching quality in all classes conveniently.

What nuXight brings

nuXight allows you to define the best classroom management standard for the rest of your staff.  nuXight is a creative tool that helps you maintain classroom quality consistency among your team even when you are not physically involved. By witnessing your team's consistent performance under nuXight, you become confident, which allows you to configure information to be shared with the parents to provide transparency. With nuXight, small schools can now offer quality education with an advanced system comparable to conglomerates.


As a mid-sized school leader, you are already familiar with the management's issues in managing classrooms and class operations; however, it is always challenging that you are expected to deliver like a large and resourceful school without the proper technology.  It is even more challenging if you're also a teacher in the school.
Parents will expect professional performance for the hard-earned money they pay for their child's tuition. Relying on their complaints to improve on internal management is a far cry on your school's reputation. Therefore, as a school leader, how do you meet the demand from the parents?

What nuXight brings

Our experience as school owners and classroom teachers motivated the decision to develop nuXight software. It's a perfect answer to all the questions we asked above. With nuXight, you will have access to modules that helps you manage the school on a "per-class" scale. That is, you'll be first able to define the management standards you want for each classroom. And by an effective delegation process, each teacher will receive the module they will use in their classroom. With this in place, you will establish a smooth workflow in the overall school operation, even without your presence. Consequently, you will build transparency between you as the school leader and the teachers. However, you may ask, "what about transparency between the school and the parents?"
As a school leader, nuXight enables you to schedule and configure periodic reports according to your permissive level of transparency for each student and deliver them to their parents. nuXight is all about internal control for boosting effectiveness in school operations and configurable reports according to your level of transparency for parents. It will raise trust between the parents and the school while giving you complete control of the school operations.
As a school leader, how better can school management get?


As a school leader of a large school, you have a large student body and are likely to have more than one location or even a franchise network. You have other "sub-leaders" supporting you. These sub-leaders, or "lieutenants," will be school leaders in their various "constituencies." But since you won't be in their constituents to note how well they manage the school activities, how will you measure their effectiveness? Moreover, no manager loves to be micromanaged; they want total autonomy. The inevitable choice of relying on trust and hoping that they deliver well becomes the case – which is unreliable for an extensive educational system. How do you oversee your lieutenants and offer supervisory help to those in need of it for their tasks? Your inability to deliver effective management discourages you from providing transparency to the parents. However, like you, we also have these questions in mind. That's the drive behind the development of nuXight.

What nuXight brings

As a school leader, there should be a way to take advantage of your management approach in other constituencies if you effectively lead your schools. To accomplish this, your lieutenants must imbibe your experience and apply them to their various constituents. This is where nuXight comes in.
nuXight helps your management team to build modules that'll serve as management patterns. Practices that, when imbibed, will boost the productivity of each class and drive the entire school forward. As you use nuXight to introduce standard approaches, the less established teachers will be improved and aligned with the more experienced teachers; established teachers can use nuXight to track students, presenting a uniform consistency throughout the school.
As you maintain a smooth flow of internal management across all schools, your lieutenants will be more empowered to ensure the highest efficiency of each class. With our intuitive screen configuration, transparency of school operations becomes a guarantee to school leaders.  Parents' and teachers' interactions are also visible by management.
With nuXight, you'll be able to configure the permissive level of transparency and send frequent reports of each student's performance to their parents. This boosts 'parents' confidence in the school's impact on their children. And for the teachers, it'll be a call for effectiveness since they know their pupils are constantly examined. Thus, with nuXight, it's all about transparency and effectiveness.